Bentley D. Laaksonen
MS in Computer Science and BS in Physics with 20 years of industry experience in software engineering. Most recently, principal software engineer and architect for the TruTouch non-invasive alcohol monitor which was selected by TIME magazine for its Best Inventions of 2006 issue. Expertise in the design and implementation of custom embedded Linux systems, device drivers, networked applications, software lifecycle, software testing, simulations, algorithms, V&V, and code optimization. Proficiency in building back-end support for product development including Linux development servers, scientific computing clusters, intranet services, configuration-control tools, and developing systematic processes and solutions at all levels and development stages.
TruTouch Technologies (2005-present)
Director of Software Development
Served as the Director of Software Development bringing the world's first truly non-invasive alcohol monitor -- which uses near-infrared spectroscopy to interrogate tissue and determine alcohol concentration -- to market in 2007, with follow-on products in 2008 and 2013.
Responsible for the architecture, development, and lifecycle of the embedded system (Linux/C/RTAI/Bash) and associated networked applications (C#/MATLAB/Sockets) for three generations of commercial TruTouch products including the TruTouch 1100, 1250, and 2500, as well as upcoming generations of instrumentation in R&D phases. Designed a custom embedded system to support a wide range of uses in, among others, commercial products, laboratory experiments, clinical studies, and special, targeted-use scenarios.
Developed the infrastructure and processes that governed all software development and releases. Implemented all mathematical algorithms, state logic and data flow, Linux hardware drivers, high-level logic & QC, and autonomous health self-assessment. Core improvements to the mathematical algorithms and flow resulted in an order of magnitude efficiency improvement over previous software generations, greatly simplifying the hardware and electronics. Developed embedded and network tools that automated manufacturing processes, instrumental QC, data management, and system maintenance. Developed PC applications that interfaced with, and managed instruments.
Designed and implemented an efficient hybrid Linux/Windows Domain and intranet (AD/Kerberos/LAMP/Samba/DFS/...), tying together all facets of the business from product development through marketing and sales.
VeraLight (2011-2012)
Research Scientist & Scientific Programmer
Developed a software infrastructure (MATLAB/Bash/MySQL/Perl/Apache) for running massively parallelized minimization and optimization problems over several hundred computing nodes, which served as the backbone for research and development. Worked to optimize, standardize, and create user friendly front-ends to the computing resource. Designed, and implemented the back-end server that managed the system and associated terabytes of data. Efforts resulted in vastly increased throughput of jobs, allowing the team to meet strategic corporate goals in tight time frames.
InLight Solutions (2000-2005)
Research Scientist & Scientific Programmer
Designed and built a software infrastructure (MATLAB) to rapidly transition ongoing multidisciplinary scientific research and ideas into practical applications running on, or interfacing with, prototype medical instrumentation. Output included optimized, low-level mathematical algorithms and tools through high-level, visualization applications. This effort allowed the technical team to be agile and responsive in a high-paced environment. Software infrastructure was designed for reuse and rapid automated verification.
Boeing-SVS (1996-2000)
Systems Engineer, Controls & Simulation
Developed end-to-end, physics-based simulations for the world's largest and most complex laser missile defense systems including the Airborne Laser (ABL), Space Based Laser (SBL), and Tactical High Energy Laser (THEL). Assumed the lead role in developing the software architecture necessary to build simulations of the complexity mandated by these programs. The success of these simulations led to new contracts and an expanded group, and a suite of simulation technologies rigorously tested and validated over a half decade and used in all of Boeing's directed energy programs.
  • Graduated summa cum laude (1995)
  • Graduated with honors in physics (1995)
  • Graduated with honors in cs (1995)
  • Dean's List (1991-1995)
  • Miller Senior Prize in Physics (1995)
  • Julius Eno Physics Prize (1993)
  • Freshman Miller Prize in Physics (1992)
  • Malcolm R. Dougherty Math Award (1992)
  • Phi Beta Kappa (1995-present)
  • Alpha Lambda Delta-National Academic Honor Society (1991-1995)
Professional Associations
Clearances Held
  • DoD TS (2000)
  • DoD S (1997-2000)
Professional Skills
Linux, Embedded Real-Time Linux, C/C++, C#, MATLAB, PERL, BASH, Haskell, and other languages/platforms less often used. Embedded System Design & Development, Networked Applications (Sockets), Software Lifecycle, Open Source Compliance, Large-Scale Simulations.
IT Administration
Linux/Windows domain, DNS, WINS, DHCP, IPMI, DFS, AD, LDAP, PAM, Kerberos, Samba, Apache, Exchange, Subversion, Corporate Firewalls/VPN, Intranet design & development.
Skills & Endorsements (LinkedIn)
Embedded Systems, Algorithms, Programming, Matlab, Linux, Simulations, C, Physics, R&D, Image Processing, Medical Devices, Product Development, Software Engineering, Electronics, Device Drivers, Optics, Computer Science, Biomedical Engineering, Signal Processing, Spectroscopy, Systems Engineering, Agile Methodology, Embedded Software, Embedded Linux, Haskell, Software Design, Embedded Linux, Design Control, System Architecture, Bash, Perl, Subversion, Scientific Computing, Networking, Algorithm Design, DNS, DFS, LDAP, PAM, Kerberos, Samba, TCP/IP, Sockets, UART, I2C, I2S.
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Intellectual Property
  1. Trent Ridder, Ben Ver Steeg, Mike Mills, Bentley Laaksonen, Bill Kardeen, "Methods and Apparatuses for Improved Breath Alcohol Testing," U.S. Patent Application 13/008,000.
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